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1948 Stinson 108-3 Flying Station Wagon

For Sale: 20,000.00
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Item # 2743
Location: California
City: Southern California
Category: Stinson
Expiration: Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Currently: For Sale

All Metal, Franklin 165HC., 2624TT, 816SMOH, 259STOH, EDM-700 Engine Monitor, I-Com A-200-720 Channel, Narco AT-150 w/ Mode C, PM 501- four Place Intercom, External Antenna for Handheld GPS, New Battery, Cleveland Wheels and Brakes, Scott Tail Wheel, Whelan Tail Strobe, Slick Magnetos, Brackett Air Filter, Alternator Equipped, McCauley Metal Propeller, Newer Spinner, Newer Interior and Headliner, All Logs, Original Manuals, Good Compressions 70-74/80. $20,000. 541-337-4909.